Our Past

Since its establishment, the Secondary Grammar and Vocational School of Folk Arts in Fót has been a unique institution. Initially, its main objective was to educate children living in state care in Children’s Town, and today, the folk arts and crafts taught here makes it special. Primarily, we expect pupils’ application from Fót and the surrounding towns, although every year our vocational courses, especially the folk dance course, receive applications from distant counties (13 counties this year) and even from the neighbouring countries. Currently, we are teaching 6 professions and grammar school classes.

Our goals

  • to maintain and improve our institution’s nearly 30-year tradition, image and values
  • to encourage our students to preserve folk art traditions both in our vocational and grammar classes
  • to continue teaching folklore and the basics of our cultural traditions through vocational education
  • to create a tolerant, supportive and loving community, where teachers teach and students learn with passion
  • to raise awareness of the unique array of professions we offer and to maintain and improve the quality of our vocational education
  • to make our grammar school appealing with our further education results to the pupils of surrounding towns
  • to adapt to the changes of educational and training environment and society’s needs, always searching for new opportunities, with new goals, and by accomplishing those making our school increasingly popular, and a determining institution in the Hungarian educational system and the Hungarian art community.

Vocational Grammar School

Our students can learn the following professions from grade 9 to grade 13:

  • Folk dance
  • Ceramic artist
  • Textile artist
  • Fashion, style and costume designer
  • Graphic artist
  • Fine- and applied arts – Painter

Grammar School

  • The grammar school currently functions with one class a year. The reputation of the grammar school has been growing in the district. The students’ knowledge and ability levels differ widely; thus, we try to provide such education which prepares the talented ones for university and the weaker ones for the Matura exam. We encourage our students to take at an advanced-level final exam at least in one subject in addition to the intermediate-level ones.

Translated by Dóra Vladár and Márton Véglesi, Class 11.D

Proofread by Anett Godó, ESL Teacher, Translator in Economics and Social Sciences